What is ExpertConnect Asia?

ExpertConnect Asia is "the industry expert's knowledge brokerage platform" with focus on growing South-East Asia. We help corporations to make better business decisions by connecting with our vetted industry experts who can share domain knowledge, insights and perspectives in emerging markets.

Who are ExpertConnect Asia's clients?

Our clients include and are not limited to, professionals and business leaders at the world's leading companies including industrial, technology, and life science corporations; investment and financial firms; professional services firms; start-ups; and non-profits around the world.

Who are ExpertConnect Asia's experts?

Our experts include ex-corporate executives, ex-government agency officers, academia, business managers, sector specialists and more. Typically, they have at least 10 years of proven track record in their subject matter. If you would like to know South East Asia intimately, you can rely on our experts and our platform.

How does ExpertConnect Asia work?

Whenever clients approach us, we serve each of them with a dedicated ExpertConnect Asia representative who will get to understand their needs. We then contact relevant experts whom we believe can serve our client's best interests and arrange an interview (face to face or phone) with both parties. Upon the successful completion of the project (See successful project under Interview), an honorarium will be paid to the expert for their time.

How does ExpertConnect Asia source its experts?

We continuously grow our membership of experts by recruiting top professionals from around the world for specific project needs. If you have subject-matter expertise and wish to apply to become a member, you can do so on our website.

What makes ExpertConnect Asia different?

ExpertConnect Asia is the first company to establish its focus in Southeast Asia and offers the gold standard of our industry. We operate with a deep sense of purpose, and from the belief that connecting professionals with experts puts the world's knowledge to work in a way that leads to smarter, better outcomes for our clients and our communities. We embody that commitment every day with our rigorous focus on excellence. We are working towards a better business environment and sustainable business ecosystem for all.

How much will I be paid for the session?

You will be asked to provide your hourly rate upon registration. If you do not have or know your hourly rate, we will be willing to provide suggestions based on your experience, level of expertise and position. The client's project budget will also be taken into consideration.

When will I receive payment?

All payment will take some time to be processed, and you should expect to receive payment for services rendered at the end of the next month. (E.g. if services are completed on 25th Jan, you should receive payment by Feb 28th). Please note that payment is only given to successful completion of an interview (See successful project under Interview).

What topics will be discussed during an interview?

Topics are dependent on client projects. Whenever a project arises that we believe you can advise on, we will provide more details. Examples of topics include general market research on the specific industry or sector. To streamline this process, please register on our website.

When will the interview be held?

Whenever a client approaches with research needs, we will then contact you with details to participate in a short 1-hour interview. It's typically done over the phone. However, depending on the client's needs, face-to-face interviews may also arranged. The interview date and time will be based on both the clients as well as your schedule.

What is considered a "successful project"?

A "Successful" project is a fully completed interview between you and the client. There is a 10-minute buffer at the start of the interview for the client to assess the interviewees ability. Should the expert be unable to answer client queries, the phone interview will end.

If all goes to plan, and the 1-hour interview is completed, an honorarium will be paid based on our payment terms.

Is my personal information safe?

All information collected and processed is strictly private and abides by the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). ExpertConnect Asia does not disclose information to third parties unless required legally. The candidate's personal data will be disclosed to ExpertConnect Asia's clients who require the data to make an informed choice for project purposes. More information can be found in our privacy terms and conditions.

I'm not sure if I am permitted to perform outside consulting under my employment agreement?

You should confer with your employment contract to confirm that you are permitted to consult through ExpertConnect Asia. You are solely responsible for determining whether you are permitted to consult given your employment circumstances, as well as the information you provide during any projects.

If I'm asked about customers or suppliers of the company I work for, can I discuss them?

It depends on the circumstances. As a general matter, you may speak about a company that is a customer or supplier of your employer, provided that you and your company have no confidentiality agreement with that customer or supplier and you do not disclose any information given to your company in confidence. However, you may not discuss your employer or confidential information concerning its relationship with the customer or supplier, such as your employer's purchases from a supplier or orders from a customer. To be safe, if you are unsure whether information is confidential or otherwise restricted, you may not disclose it.

May I discuss the details of my client consultations and interviews/surveys with others?

No. Your consultations with ExpertConnect Asia's Clients – and any information you receive in connection with a consultation or an invitation to consult – are strictly confidential. You may not disclose a Client's identity, the subjects discussed, or any information or materials provided to you by a Client. Likewise, you should not share information concerning any surveys that you are provided by ExpertConnect Asia.

What should I do if I'm invited for a consultation that directly concerns my current employer?

Please carefully check your employment contract with your current employer. About anything prohibited contractually, you should decline the invitation, notify ExpertConnect Asia of the reason, and update your biographical information if necessary to ensure our records are accurate and up to date. ExpertConnect Asia's Terms & Conditions categorically prohibit Experts from consulting about their current employers.

When I click online that I agree to ExpertConnect Asia's Terms and Conditions, am I legally bound by them?

Yes, you are legally bound. Clicking "I Accept" is the legal equivalent of signing a paper contract agreeing to ExpertConnect Asia's Terms & Conditions and you will be expected to abide by them fully.
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