Gain access to valuable local knowledge & insights through direct interviews with industry experts.

Who Should Use This Service?

  • Consultancies, market research professionals who would like to outsource part of their project in Southeast Asia due to manpower challenges, lack of industry expertise in certain sectors and/or countries
  • MNCs that wish to conduct studies which require expertise and/or specific industry expertise in Southeast Asia

Our Research Process

Send us your scoping objective & deliverables​

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We form project team consisting of consultants and industry experts

Our team at ExpertConnect Asia consists of experienced consultants and analysts in Southeast Asia.

We conduct the custom research project

Our team will gather and analyse market data and insights from various industry stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, partners, industry associations, competitors, and government agencies.

We deliver the research you need


Our Service Offerings

Market Sizing

Key Player Analysis

Industry and Company Structure

Opportunity Assessment

Strategic Recommendations

Customer Understanding

Use Cases

Market Research Firm

We aided their market research into lighting products in Thailand, where they don’t have a local branch office.

Management Consulting Firm

We helped them research automotive distribution value chain analysis in Laos, where they do not have a local branch office

Industrial Conglomerate

We helped them with business development targeting local large business groups by leveraging our local C-Suite connections in Indonesia.

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