Obtain key insights from industry experts​ quickly before you proceed with in-depth market research.

Who Should Use This Service?

  • Research professionals such as market research agencies and thinktanks who would like to efficiently collect key facts, opinions from B2B stakeholders such as potential customers to help their corporate clients or to write industry white papers
  • MNCs who are planning to enter new markets or start new businesses. They can obtain actual voice from local key stakeholders, adding tremendous reality to their feasibility studies.

Our Survey Process

Send us a survey request

Fill in our contact form and our team will get in touch with you.

We curate and recommend​ survey participants

We combine our expert database with on-demand sourcing to find experts.

We conduct an online survey

Obtain answers and statistics from a larger group of industry experts within a short time period.

Obtain survey results​ in 2-4 weeks​

Our surveys help you grasp basic trends and key facts so that your future research would be more focused and lead to a more satisfying outcome.

Use Cases

IT Consulting Firm

We helped them investigate the possibility of a system switch (current system, unmet needs) in market entry into Thailand’s  automobile industry

Thinktank (Government Banking Group)

We helped them research construction technologies adoption & key players in ASEAN & India

Industrial MNC

Our survey results helped them prioritise purchase decision making in BEMS product for a shopping mall developer in Singapore.

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